Shoe Care

Leather is like your own skin. If you do not care for it, it can dry out and tear. We recommend that you take care of your shoes at least once a month. Our tips will help you prolong the life of your shoes and, above all, keep them as beautiful as they were the first day.



Take your laces out of the shoes or at least loosen them enough to care for the underneath leather. Preferably stuff the inside of your shoes with shoe trees or a ball of paper to tighten the leather. If you have none available, put your hand inside the shoe during the cleaning to achieve a similar effect.


Before anything, brush your shoes until there is no dirt or dust on them, otherwise this may leave stains. To obtain the best result, you should use a special cleaning brush. Don't forget all the linings, the brogues, if you have those, as well as the lining between the leather and the sole. Keep in mind to use the right brush for leather or suede leather.


Your can use a shoe cream that has the same color of the leather or a colourless cream that can be applied in any leather item. Generously apply the cream on the leather and don't forget about the tongue and the light folds in the leather that are due to walking. However do not apply cream on the soles. To apply the cream you can use a special brush or a clean cloth. Now let the shoe rest and absorb the cream.


After the cream has completely dried, brush the shoes in circular motions for a light shiny effect. Don't forget to use a different brush for this, not the same one you used to prepare because there will be dust particules in it. After a few hours or the day after, spray your shoes with the waterproof spray and you are ready to go.


- Use a shoe horn when you put your shoes on to avoid scratches, tears and folds.

- If you will not be wearing the shoes the day after, make sure to use shoe trees to keep the leather in perfect shape.

- Storage your shoes in the original box or somewhere dry without other shoes on top, which can cause scratches in the leather.